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Oxygen in statu nascendi is very reactive and, put partially on the source of a disease, it has absolutely germicidal effects within seconds and at 99,9%. In this way, painful inflammations, periodontosis, aphthae, herpes and initial caries can be cured lastingly in an amazingly short period of treatment and without stress for the patient. As a rule, the patient is given perceptible relief already after the first treatment. Fields of application: • sterilization of pulp canals, cavities • treatment of aphthae, herpes, mycoses • periodontology (e.g. chronic PA) • pulpitis (e.g. traumatically opened) • wound treatment (z. B superinfected) • treatment of caries >> further information • staunch oozing hemorrhages (z. B. pulpitis) • intraoral reduction of germs (surgery) • treatment of stomatitis • bruises caused by prosthesis (traumatic) • chronic wound healing disorder, e.g. x-ray treated jaws (aseptic. osteonecrosis) • sterilization of impressions and devices • avoidance of infections, contamination • implantology, replantation >> example case • apicectomy • treatment of neuralgia • jaw relation record (only with OrthOzon as special accessory)