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Ozone in dermatology with Medicinal ozone is highly antiseptic, it kills even the most obstinate bacteria, viruses and fungi, wounds are cleaned effectively. Trivalent oxygen intervenes directly as an energy supplier (ATP) in the 1st stage of the inflammation, the oedema formation, not indirectly through the erythrocytes. In accordance with the principle of , trivalent oxygen is produced partially on / in the spot that is treated (inflammation). There is an oxygen saturation of the haemoglobin which results in an increased lymph drain. The membrane polarization disorder regenerates and a regular metabolism sets in. With the you can treat your patients quickly, safely, painlessly and important: without side effects! Fields of application: • eczema / Lichen (neurodermatitis) wound healing disorder (e.g. superinfected) >>> case studies bacterial infections burns / frost bites psoriasis shingles (herpes zoster, herpes, aphthae) acne / furuncle ulcus cruris / external ulcers / skin lesions decubitus arthritis candidiasis / mykosis warts diseases of the scalp and the hair root / atheroma